Africa's educational portal, Channel [ED] onDStv channel 318, launched in December 2013.

Providing quality international documentaries and new locally produced content, Channel [ED] gives MultiChoice subscribers access to leading experts and interactive engagement through global innovation and discovery.

Delivering content that focuses on a number of topics including physics, finance, culture and chemistry, the channel is targeted at anyone who is fascinated with navigating new possibilities.

Danny Mucira, general manager of MultiChoice Kenya, says: "MultiChoice is committed to equip learners and communities with the best educational information to ensure that our audience gain information in a fun and exciting manner. Channel [ED]'s broad content is aimed at ages 15 to 49 and is yet another demonstration of our commitment to bringing families together through the ultimate family viewing experience."

Danie Ferreira, executive producer of Channel [ED], concludes: "Channel [ED] is about expanding the worldís knowledge on Africa through knowledge-sharing, thereby changing perceptions of Africa for the better."

[ED] moved to DStv channel 190 in May 2014.

The promotional video for the launch of Channel [ED] was created by Urban Brew Studios.

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